Musicians remember their first music teachers

A music teacher can be instrumental in nurturing learners’ creativity and building their confidence. Several top artists tell Don't Stop The Music about their favourite or most memorable music teachers.

Wild Beasts

"The first time I think we got into music was when we were five or six and we both went to the same piano teacher, called Mrs Diggle. I kind of disliked it because it was too classical for me at the time."

Ella Henderson

"I can remember my very first music teacher, he’s not with us now but he gave me my first solo to play on a piano and sing and he was like 'Just remember this girl, I found her here first!' So I guess Mr. Smith always has credit for why I’m here now."

Grant Nicholas – Feeder

"I had a very strict music teacher called Mr O’Neil from Scotland and I remember the day he walked in with sheer anger and frustration; when I was meant to be practicing my trumpet scales, I was sat there playing Black Sabbath riffs on my first electric guitars."

Do you remember your favourite music teacher? Share your memories and stories with us using the hashtag #MyFavouriteMusicTeacher and the Twitter handle @JamesRhodesDSTM.


Musicians remember their first music teachers
Grant from Feeder
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