?Proms conductor calls for more access to classical music for children

Conductor Sakari Orama ended the 2014 BBC Proms by calling for more children to have the opportunity to hear and learn classical music...

As the Last Night of the Proms came to a close on Saturday night, the Finnish conductor told the 5,000-plus audience: “Music is so many things. And that’s why I’m making a plea for children’s and young people’s continued possibilities to be exposed to good and great classical musical.”

“There is fantastic work being done in many schools in this country and around the world on this subject but sadly too many are left out.

“And it’s the tendency nowadays, absolutely everywhere, that the resources tend to go elsewhere than in music and arts education. And I feel that is losing some very important priorities.”

Highlighting the many benefits of music, he added: “Music … is mathematics. It is science. It’s a universal language to those who are open for it. Music is history. It’s culture. It’s physical education. It’s geography. Music develops inside. Music is therapy for those who need it.”

He also applauded the Prommers for raising £89,700 for music charities.

Want to do your bit to support the teaching of music in our schools? Donate an instrument to the Don’t Stop The Music instrument amnesty now and sign James Rhodes’ petition.


?Proms conductor calls for more access to classical music for children
Photograph: Benjamin Ealovega
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